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Wonder Group and China Continent Insurance Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Wonder Group and China Continent Insurance Corporation signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement at the headquarters of Land Insurance in Shanghai on April 17. The two sides will cooperate closely in smart and safe development of automobiles to create the society value of civilized driving.

Wonder Group has abundant technology and experience in the field of active & passive safety and intelligent network connection of automobiles, and proposes a complete intelligent driving solution from driving to accident rescue (Wonder intelligent driving). Through its active & passive safety products and intelligent driving behavior assistance and intervention system, the accident rate and insurance claim rate can be effectively reduced. The data mining and cloud platform service offered by Wonder can provide strong support and basis for insurance product pricing, insurance claims and customer data analysis as well. The rich resources of network, media, customer and data as well as the experience of supporting comprehensive services possessed by China Continent Insurance will also greatly promote the application of smart security system and data value to achieve perfect combination of safety and insurance.

The two sides will explore more opportunities for cooperation in market expansion, procurement, financial investment, TB cloud platform services, TC-side Internet value-added operations and data sharing and utilization, etc. and contribute efforts to reduce traffic accidents and realize ˇ°zeroˇ± traffic casualties.

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